Bunker Filling

Industry: BiomassProduct: Type RL (N) engl

The collection of the material is done by an horizontal hutch conveyor with a funnel. Possible as ground level or as underground execution. We are able to deliver all safety features and equipment according to the european engineering standards as well as protection covers against dirt and water.

The protection grids for underground funnels can be executed as heavy load grids which hold up an axle load of a truck up to 10 tons.

After the horizontal conveyor normally a vertical conveyor lifts the material up. The most amazing application we did was the vertical transport of wood chips up to 28 m. A completely vertical transport with only one motor and only one auger, without middle shaft and without intermediate bearings!

After the vertical conveyor the customer has several possibilites to bring the material into the bunker. For a constant filling nearly free of dust we use our basket conveyor which creates a sustained material cone. The basket conveyor could be executed with different technical features depending on the total operation time. For us it is very important that we can deliver every execution according to the valid ATEX regulations.

Depending on the size of the bunker we can also deliver only a material slide additionally to the vertical unit or a special pushing conveyor after the vertical unit to push the wood chips into the bunker. All mentioned executions generate a different filling result.