Silo filling

Branche: BiomassProdukt: Type RL (N) engl

Silo filling

A horizontal hutch conveyor normally executed with funnel will be filled by a truck with moving floor or by front loader. The hutch can be placed overground or mounted below ground level.

We are able to deliver the safty protections according European Standard, all covers or protections against water . We can offer those equipment on demand.

Protections covers and grids could be offered as heavy duty execution on request. In the past we delivered grids which the customer can drive on with trucks with an axle load up to 10 tons.

The horizontal conveyor is connected with an vertical unit which lifts the material up. The most amazing application we done in the past was a vertical conveying unit with a length of 28 m for a power plant in Germany.

The silo will be filled from the top or from the side wall. We offer our customers several alternatives. If a constant distribution in the silo is demanded our basket conveyor could do the job perfect. Also pushing conveyors which push the material into the silo are possible.