Flexible, shaftless screw conveyor - Type SL (N)


The flexible, shaftless spiral conveyor systems made in steel, stainless steel or special synthetic material are used for the transport of bulk material up to 40-50 mm maximum length. The applications are extremely varied and range from conveying powder, granules, pellets, extruded material to spices, piece goods or moist products. Lengths up to over 100 m and curves are possible.


Type max. length (*) approx. capacity m3/h (*) motor power (*)) grainlengtH (*) Corner radient cm
SL (N) 55 100-120 m 0,7 max 0,75 kW <5 mm 151
SL (N) 75 85-100 m 1-3 max 1,5 kW <5 mm 153
SL (N) 90 70-80 m 2-7 max 2,2 kW <12 mm 157
SL (N) 125 40-50 m 5-20 max 3 kW <40 mm 159
KL (N) 55 30-300 m 0,5 0,37-4 kW <5 mm 52
KL (N) 75 30-300 m 3 0,37-5,5 kW <5 mm 65
KL (N) 90 15-150 m 4 0,37-5,5 kW <12 mm 120/160
KL (N) 125 10-100 m 10 0,55-5,5 kW <45 mm 120/160

(N indicates a construction in stainless steel), (*) data not binding - for precise details we need your material specifications, course of pipeline and requirements of the auger unit.

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