Pellets screw - Pellets conveyor

Pellets screw - Pellets conveyor

Pellets are one of the most important energy sources but not only used to feed pellets heaters. In the area of biomass gazing pellets as „fuel“ are very interesting because of homogeneous size.

We transport pellets with both of our products SL and RL. Our standard system to transport pellets from bunkers or Big-Bags into the pellets boiler is the flexible type SL.

The robust type RL we use mainly for pellets production. We convey wood chips and wood dust into storage rooms or drying bunkers, mills or silos. Some pellets  plants also outside Austria are already equiped with our conveyor systems. High performance combined with a high availability, long operation life and reliability are the main factors why a Wildfellner conveyor system will be choosen for those applications.

The cooled pellets were transported to the storage silos or filling without damaging the ready made product during the conveying process. The small amount of dust will be returned into the pellets production.

Our special system allows also the vertical transport of the cooled pellets for the storaging in the silo.