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robust, shaftless screw conveyors - Type RL(N)

Flexible, shaftless screw conveyor - Type SL (N)

  Transport of bulk materials as wood chips, pellets, other shredderd biomass, different types of recycling goods, powders, granulates, wine trester,..... Our shaftless auger systems guarantee a material preserving and energy-efficient transport of all kind of bulk materials. But the shaftless auger from Wildfellner has many names!   Shaftless auger: We offer the perfect possibility to transport your bulk goods. The conveyor systems are customized to your applications, for example fort he transport of dry or wet materials (dust, wood chips, other shreddered biomass). Screw conveyor: In every application the technical datas given by the customer determine the execution and the dimension of the screw conveyor. We are able to realize horizontal, inclined and vertical transportation. Also the vertical conveyor is executed without inner shaft! Our longest vertical conveyor ever done for wood chips transport was amazing 28 m long. Conveying screw: Sometimes our systems are called conveying screws which operate for dosing applications with very small capacities but also for feeding of biomass power plants with fuel up to capacities of 600 m3/h. Customized projects: We develope customized projects with an optimized dimensioning of the conveyors, the power transmissions, the steel constructions and sometimes needed additional special constructions. The needs of our customers are in our main focus. Only if we understand the needs and the process of our customers applications we are able to develope a perfect suitable Wildfellner conveying solution. Conveyor systems: Wildfellner is a special equipment manufacturer. Nearly every conveyor is unique and constructed and produced for a special application. Whatever we should transport, wood chips, recycling materials, powder or granulates, special bulky goods or very flowable products like pellets... We have the right solution which will develope and individually adapt to your application.