Since the company was founded a big stock was always an important part of the market strategy. Different kinds of augers, conveyor tubes, geared motors, support brackets or other steel supports but also security parts as overload releases or different sensors are stocked in our headquarters.

Our customers are satisfied with a short delivery time on components. Most of our customers can safe a lot of money because they do not need to stock the expensive spare parts theirself.

Producing and mounting of conveyor systems it the one thing but to be able to deliver spare parts mostly ex stock could safe a lot of money for the customer in case of a break down or stand still.


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Produkt: Type RL (N) engl

In our stock we keep around 150 different sizes of robust augers. This is a big advantage for our customers because they do not need have the...

Produkt: Type SL (N) engl

The flexible system is a very modular system. The idea behind was that it should be possible to create almost every solution for customers...