Screening solutions

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Screening solutions

For some biomass applications we have to deliver very dry wood chips at a very low percentage of dust. Especially for a wood gazer this is most important. Fine particles in the reactor would prevent a perfect ventilation which is needed to reach the highest possible efficiency.

A customer has the possibility to buy the more expensive pre-screened fuel or a seperate screen. Because of the high costs  customers normally does not take those possibilities into consideration.

Wildfellner developed some screening variants which are integrated in the conveying way. No additional time or transport of screened material for the customer.

We are able to offer a rotations screen which can be mounted into the complete conveyor system. Dust and fine particles will be sieved out and transported to a big-bag or a bunker or any other storage room by a flexible auger system from Wildfellner.

Additionally  we can offer screening solutions which are integrated in the tube- or hutch conveyor. Special screening groves are mounted at the bottom side where the fine material will be sieved out.